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ime is now ■ripe to focus■ on how to increase ◆sales per store, ●and store redesig●n is the key,"● He said.Gome has a●lre

ady completed th◆e redesign of

a D■azhong sto〓re under its mana●gement, which 〓has become the large◆st by floo■r area and the bigg●est consume■r electr

onics sto●re in the coun〓try.

Gome ◆acquired Be■ijing-based 〓rival Dazhong i◆n 2007 for 3.6 bill●ion yuan.The ■renovated Dazhong st◆ore alone, ○coveri

ng 2〓0,000 sq m, is■ expected

to■ post annual sales◆ of 2 billion yu●an, double its prev■ious sales number.●The transformation 〓comes at a t○ime when G

◆ome is battlin●g a slowing ma

nicati◆ons and consum○er elect

r●ket and investors w〓orried about the s■candal involvin●g Huang.Suppliers a

r■e reportedly■ turning their bac●ks on Gome■ an

d banks ●are unwill◆ing to grant loan◆s. Gome has been ●seeking str◆ategic stake sales ●to repay d■ebt and boost it●s cash flow aft◆er shares tumbled b○y 77 percent last y●ear.Gome controls 40■ percent of the main■land electroni◆cs retail mar○ket but lag●s Suning A〓ppliances in ◆profitability, ■and sales per ●store.Suning〓 said it would o●pen 200 stor○es this ye■ar, but compa◆ny executiv○es recentl◆y upgraded ●that number to 350●, which expa〓nds its port○folio of stores● to 1,200 by ●end-2009.Suni●ng also said it w■as renovating i○ts stores in a bid t■o increase sales per● store. It is also?/p>

?recruiting 〓more employees, i

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